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March & April 2012

$25/MO. Unlimited Members
$35/MO. Unlimited Non-Members

If you know tanning booths and beds then you know HEX II is the best!


The Powerhouse Gym has HEX II Tanning with SmartLamp II tanning bulbs!

The SmartLamp™ is:

  • A revolutionary relamping opportunity. Salon owners who are not ready to replace equipment, can relamp with SmartLamps™ to instantly upgrade their current equipment’s performance to a level they didn’t know was possible and generate enthusiasm with their client base.
  • A 3-in-1 lamp. Its three separate zones optimally tan the face, body and legs.
  • •An aid to Vitamin D production. SmartLamps™ increase the capabilities of any piece of tanning equipment to provide an even tan and stimulate the body’s own production of Vitamin D.
  • •SmartGlass™ technology. Our proprietary SmartGlass™ is the only glass in the tanning lamp industry that transmits wavelengths between 280nm and 300nm and simultaneously inhibits transmission between 320nm and 340nm. Respectively, that’s the part of the spectrum that stimulates vitamin D production (280 – 300nm) and has the least skin-aging effect (320nm – 340nm).
  • Manufactured with a 9-step phosphor coating process. Conventional lamps are manufactured in just a 3-step process.
  • Available for all systems: 100w, 160w, 200w, reflector, non-reflector, BI-PIN, RDC.

Robert Klem
Superior UV Technologies