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*The Young at Heart Class is $3.00 per class and is sponsored by the Otsego County Commission on Aging.

**ZUMBA – A $5.00 walk-in fee per class. A high energy fitness dance class with fun, easy to learn moves. This fusion of musical rhythms & dynamic moves creates an exciting and motivating workout. 


Please let the instructors know if there are limitations they should be aware of!



Tuesdays: Combining body strength, flexibility and a stable center, this version of power Pilates will challenge both beginners and experienced exercisers. While working to stay focused and strong, you will begin to see yourself developing stabilization, coordination, strength and flexibility. 

Thursdays: Combining cardio with resistance training, this class will help challenge your body and develop strength! This class will help teach you new and exciting ways to push your body to reach its true potential.  

SLOW FLOW (Basic Yoga): Yoga practice combines breathing, balance and flexibility through a series of poses that enhance strength and well-being. This restorative practice is great for beginners and people with physical limitations. Modifications will be offered. Yoga is also an excellent training tool for numerous sporting activities.

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, H.I.I.T., also known as Tabata, is a type of cardio training. This uses the Tabata timer for alternating, short, very high-intensity intervals. This type of training has been used by athletes to improve performance, but it is also a huge benefit for the average to above average exerciser. HIIT or Tabata training helps performance and improves the ability of the muscles to burn fat.

An Example of H.I.I.T. or Tabata training method:

•  4 minute rounds
•  20 seconds of intense training
•  10 seconds of rest
•  Total of 8 rounds

STRENGTH TRAINING: The name says it all! Using a variety of tools—barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, ankle weights, etc.—will build & tone all of the major (and a few minor!) muscles of the body. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Equipment provided, but bring your mat!

TURBO KICK: Kick, punch and groove calories away in this upbeat, super-fun cardio workout! This addictive workout combines kickboxing and simple dance moves in a party atmosphere! Bring your mat and be ready to kick it!

KICK ASS CARDIO: A varied workout consisting of floor aerobics combined with Kettlebell weight intervals and abdominal circuits. This is a total body sculpting workout! Bring your mat and come and join the party! 

CIRCUIT: This is a cardiovascular/strength class which features a combination of weight training and aerobic floor exercises. Get a vigorous workout and have fun doing it!

POWER 30 AND CORE: HIIT style class with 30 minutes of cardio and weight intervals plus 15 minutes all core work!

PILATES: Mostly mat work for sculpting core muscles. Balls, bands, small weights and discs are provided and used to strengthen and stretch. Teaches body awareness, improves core strength and flexibility, and alleviates back pain. Bring your mat and a towel and be ready to work on that core!


  • Monday: Low impact floor aerobics with 15 minutes of weights, abdominal strengthening and stretching!

  • Wednesday: Light weight training with abdominal strengthening and stretching!

  • Friday: Intervals of light cardio and light weights with abdominal strengthening and stretching!

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