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Powerhouse Gym Personal Trainers Are Fitness Professionals

We believe that the study of movement and nutrition can translate into life lessons—from increased confidence and self-esteem to improved discipline and focus!

We are dedicated to helping you realize your true potential


Fitness Personal Trainers & Coaches EDUCATE, MOTIVATE & INSPIRE!

The goal of our personal training program is to turn you into your own personal trainer. Only YOU are guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life. It is our mission to teach you how to exercise properly. With proper exercise you will be able to strengthen your body, help rehabilitate injuries, prevent future injuries, create a new discipline for yourself and achieve the goals you have set for yourself!

Nutrition is the basis. We help guide you in healthy eating habits. Learning how to eat properly will help aid in exercise and overall wellness. We strive to make eating strategies easy to follow and include foods that you already like to eat! When you learn how to manage your eating and pair it with consistent exercise, you will notice your body changing and your mood will elevate!

Core. Stability. Flexibility. Coordination. We believe that body strength not only helps you feel good, but it also helps aid in everyday life. In strengthening your core, you will notice everyday movements, such as pulling or bending down, will become easier. Flexibility not only helps while exercising, but it allows more overall mobility.


One should consider hiring a Fitness Professional for 8 to 16 weeks—to learn the nutritional strategies, various fitness principles, equipment technologies and exercise techniques.

What You Get

  • One on One with your selected personal trainer

  • Customized fitness & nutrition program

  • Body fat % checks

  • Weight checks

  • Body measurements

  • Aerobic fitness level

  • Strength level

  • Flexibility

  • Most of all: ACCOUNTABILITY

Here at the Powerhouse Gym, we want to serve YOU and meet YOUR needs. We want to teach you how to apply fitness techniques, nutritional guidelines and positive motivation into your everyday life!

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